Today, we turn 3. I love you.

Turning 3

Soooo, we’re turning 3 in 15 days time. As the days pass, I find myself panicking.

Just yesterday I told her that it was stressful for me whenever special occasions is upcoming, well not before she snapped at me that wasn’t it stressful with my ex bf. Truth to be told, I feel the need and want to do my best to show my affection for my better half now. Else why would I feel stressed right?

*Here I am hoping, Y don’t read my wordpress but also nobody reads wordpress these days & I feel like I can use any advice/recommendations that come my way.

Long Rant Ahead

Yesterday, it happened again.

Y had a tiff with her younger brother, once again over laundry. (Geez!!!!) I thank all heavens I didn’t stay over last night but I still stayed up to accompany Y till she felt better before I went on to sleep.

I truly understand how Y’s been feeling & I too feel for her. I understand how it’s like being treated not the same way as your siblings and everyone would expect us to just give in because we’re the elder one. Little do they realize, everytime you give in to the little one, it doesn’t necessary benefit the child. Yes you pick your battles, but on the other hand the child grows up all bratty.

Case in point, Y’s brother. It drove me a little crazy when I first started living with Y over at her place. I always been the child to say what’s on my mind and to fight for what’s right. But in this case, I always had to bite my tongue because Y always told me how bad their quarrels were and she knew I would never want to be in that situation one day.

Fast forward, Friday the 13th, October 2017, I finally gave him a piece of my mind. Why we even argue was really a joke. It was the period that it was raining every single day & dear Mr Sun couldn’t come out to play. We tried our best to have ‘lesser’ laundry to wash and would ‘dance’ in glee whenever we find pockets of sunshine to sun our clothes. Alas, we decided to sun our clothes on 14th October because Saturday & the weather forecast said sunny! Y then texted in her family group chat to tell them not to keep the clothes because there was a smell & she’ll bring it out to sun for 30 mins the next day & she’ll keep. Of course, nobody replied but she was ‘served’ with blue ticks. I’ll take it as you’ve read and understood the context (well, there’s nothing too hard to anyway).

Funny how I told Y during dinner, eh today is Friday the 13th but nothing bad happened to me today! Little did I know, trouble was waiting to pounce on me when I reach home.

Stepped in, chirped loudly, “Hello didi!” to him (who was in the kitchen then. He was doing something to the bamboo poles) then go back to Y’s room to get ready to shower. Y came in all annoyed saying that her brother was keeping the clothes. So I walked out and asked him about it then BOOM!!!!!! TROUBLE CAME!!!!

I told him that Y sent in the group chat & nobody replied so I assume everyone understands her intentions. All I got was scolding after scolding after scolding, I decided I had enough I walked away. Well I didn’t say anything mean nor did I say anything after that, I just walked away to prevent more conflict. Whatever happened next, was the deal breaker with me. He threw chairs at my back whilst I was walking away. No it didn’t hit me, but it flew past me. Imagine if I was the target, then what?! World War 3 would happen probably.

Well quite abit of things happened after but I think it’ll be too private to write about it. My point here is now they’re arguing over the same things again. Does this even need to escalate till everyone raise their voices? No I don’t think so. It really is a case of everyone is too tired to deal with his temper should things don’t go his way, they just ignore and give in to him.

Has anyone taken time to try and help Y out around the house? To try to keep the house more like a house? I try my best, but on days that I’m too lazy I’ll say sorry babe, I’m too tired today, tomorrow then we do (whatever chores) okay? Or we’ll just take turns doing the chores together. Everyone has their off days but now that I’m not there, no one really helps her anymore. They just live in their little bubble in their rooms, pretending to be helpful only when absolute necessary, using their ‘rank’ of being the youngest to get away with everything.

This post leads me to nowhere, but I guess I’m too annoyed and writing this down makes me a little less annoyed. It motivates me even more to want to eventually buy our own place, after all we make a good team together.

14th Feb 😌

Never really big on celebrations all my life, but Y always finds it in her to try to make it meaningful for me as much as possible.

Sometimes it takes a bad relationship to appreciate the good things that ever happens to you & to count your blessings. I count mine everyday.

I almost died in excitement just to want to receive the wood print. Everyday I bug Y to give it to me earlier, everyday I annoy the shit out of her about it. But as you can tell, she was tight lipped about it. Need to be so annoying anot! But not forgetting Y’s own card to me, it’s so adorable though simple but I LARVE IT!

Dinner at Equilibrium!

Requested for my favourite Thai food place of all time for Valentine’s dinner venue. But it was shot down because she said it’s the type of food we eat ALL THE TIME. Well one don’t need fancy dinners just to celebrate the day right? Be with people you love is more then sufficient.

Because I can’t take nice pictures, I shall post what Jaz took instead. I wanted to post it on my own Instagram instead 😂

Oh my heart 😌❤️

On my weekly Tuesday runs, I always chance upon the weirdest things. But yesterday I chanced upon a guy prepping for his own proposal. & could tell he was so damn nervous because he was standing there practicing his lines whilst his friends all sitting nearby ‘guarding’ 😂

So cute of Jaz really 😌 & hugs babe ❤️

I asked for what colour she wore because just wanted to see how much telepathy we still have in us after almost 3 years. Well I have nothing to be ‘worried’ about. Telepathy still pretty much there now that we’re not living together. We both turning up in black & blue 😂

Didn’t take pictures but 1st steamboat for CNY (well sorta) & first dinner of the year with my dayre girls @Lambkins @euhcanyk !

& for the first time, we’re meeting AGAIN next week for lunch & dinner. Decided to take 1/2 day just to hang with them because why not right.

@euhcanyk was like aiyo means must with us only 1 hour? I’m like no la I can eat anytime from 12 – 2! Then she said 11-2 can? Isit too much this girl 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

It’s been awhile since we last took a picture together 🙊 THANKS FOR SLEEPING IN LIKE ME then go out for dinner & back home to erm sleep again.

Yay to becoming sloths together & so thankful you’re not like your old self that you’ll be up at 8am to go out & make use of your day! Old liao le, just rest at home can le @neontyl 🙊🙊

Because @joycesayshello can load her previous dayre posts on her WordPress, I decided to follow suit! Although erm it’s quite a hassle, but some of my dayre posts are too precious, really. So IF dayre will really close down, then I’ll at least have somewhere I can read my dayre post!

But before I can figure out how to use WordPress (it’s been so Long), let me use dayre more often first. After all, my heart still belongs here 😌

Before anything else, I decide to hop onto the bandwagon first (before my initials gets taken up)!

See ya’ll on the flip side, though I really really will miss dayre because of all the people both @neontyl & I have been very blessed to meet so far ❤️